The increase of exports of flower and rose sweat and the reduction of the customers of decorative flowers

The increase of exports of flower and rose sweat and the reduction of the customers of decorative flowers
Flowers and rose sweat are among export products of Iran exported to more than 40 years. The producers of flowers and rose waters believe that exports terminals can manifold the export of these products, but the exports of decorative flowers and rose water have increased in the first six months of this year and have decreased in some fields.
According to ISNA news agency, during the first six months of this year about 2758 tons of decorative flowers, rose, and rose sweat worth 17,206,000 US dollars have been exported to more than 40 countries. The weight volume of these exports in this period has increased about 55% and their value has increased about 37% compared to last year. But not all Iranian flowers and plants have experienced this increase and has decreased by about 30% for decorative plants and flowers.
Spain, Poland, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Georgia, Czech. Austria, Afghanistan, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, France, Qatar, Kuwait, Japan, Germany, Australia, England, Turkey, Canada, Latvia, china, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, Holland, Malaysia, India, Lebanon, united states, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, Canada, and Taiwan are 40 countries which are customers of Iranian decorative plants, rose, and rose sweat, but their demand has reduced is some areas that has influenced the export of flowers and rose sweat.
For example, dried flower, fresh leaf flower, and the sweat extracted from rose are among export products that 1836 tons worth 5,417,000 dollars of which have been exported. For example, exports of rose flower has increased by 171% from weight aspect and 108% from value aspect. This increase has been 27% and 31% for rose sweat respectively, but the exports of various kinds of decorative flowers and plants such as rose and other types of flower and buds has decreased in first half of this year.
Based on statistics, the exports of various types of decorative flowers and plants has been more than 2488 tons worth 11,790,000 dollars in the first half of this year, the weight growth of which has been -31% and its value growth was has been -28%. This shows that there isn’t appropriate infrastructures to export Iranian decorative flowers and plants and despite the efforts of private sector to establish exports terminal, this terminal has not been completely prepared to be utilize and, according to private sector producers, many produced flowers and plants wither because they do not have their customers.

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